Review: “Gone in 60 Seconds”

Jerry Springer isn’t what you would call award winning television. It’s trashy, the scripts are bad and the people on it rather one-dimensional. God damn it though, its fun & entertaining which is why it is trash TV at its best. That description is also apt of a different Jerry, Jerry Bruckheimer who is responsible for a whole bunch of testosterone-fueled action films which, while being no-brainers, just kick ass. Here is another of them.

Still, as his films go though this is one of the weaker ones. Bruckheimer produced some intense and slick actioneers in the early 80’s (“Top Gun”, “Beverly Hills Cop”) and the mid-late 90’s (“Bad Boys”, “The Rock”, “Con Air”), but has also made some relatively so-so films as well (“Enemy of the State”, “Armageddon”). ‘Gone’ joins that second batch – its shallower than a children’s wading pool, and the moment you leave the theatre you’ll probably forget 95% of what happened.

Nevertheless there are some positives here. The heist sequence dominates the last 40 minutes of the film and is very engaging, and whilst I’m no car fan at all (hell I don’t even have a license), I could still really get into this bit. The cheesy romance subplot is thankfully kept to a bare minimum as well as involving some relatively realistic dialogue considering the characters – but its resolved all too quickly.

The pace is solid and brisk, even during the quieter scenes in the first half. The ‘corniness’ factor increases as the film goes on but the action thankfully moves so fast in the last half that you don’t really notice or care about it until the final scene which is just cringe-inducing. Its very thin plot makes things a bit repetitive at times, but also makes this an easily accessible film for most people.

Car fans and Cage fans will enjoy it, Bruckheimer fans will have a decent time, but otherwise this is just an average Summer flick. The action is good but the lack of humour, plot and substance have this baby stuck in neutral.