Reeves’ “Batman” Rumored To Be 1990s Set?

Reeves Batman Rumored To Be 1990s Set

The trend of setting superhero films in the past seems to be growing. From “Wonder Woman” in the 1910s to the first “Captain America” in the 1940s, “X-Men: First Class” in the 1960s and “Captain Marvel” in the 1990s, people seem to be having little issue with stories of caped heroes from different eras.

Now a new report at Discussing Film indicates that Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” script, which is now in its final stages with Reeves putting the finishing touches on his story, will also adopt the approach.

They suggest the film’s time setting will be the 1990s with the film looking to cast a well-known actor in his late twenties to early thirties as the next Bruce Wayne – thus allowing for a more seasoned Batman to potentially be active in the present day.

The “Batman” film franchise famously defined superhero portrayals on the big screen throughout the 1990s, but if the report is true this would be the first film in the franchise set specifically in the past. Reeves script is said to have more of a neo-noir tone with a big emphasis on Batman’s detective skills.

“The Batman” is scheduled for release on June 25th 2021.