“Rape of 2 Coreys” Doco Trailer Released

Rape Of 2 Coreys Doco Trailer Released

The first trailer has been released for “(my) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys,” the upcoming documentary feature which will utilise a unique distribution strategy that will see the film shown only once – as a Streaming LIVE GLOBAL Pay Per View Premier Event.

Iconic 1980s teen idol and actor Corey Feldman promises to drop some major revelations regarding the Hollywood insiders who are responsible for the sexual abuse both he and his frequent co-star, the late Corey Haim, endured early in their career.

Haim & Feldman first opened up publicly in 2007 about the abuse they endured as children in the industry. Shortly after, Feldman made Haim a promise that if Haim were to die first then Feldman would find a way to get his whole story exposed and would try to bring both of their abusers to justice.

Feldman first wrote a book to honor that promise, but due to legal concerns the publisher demanded that the names were changed to protect the alleged abusers. After a decade of attempts, Feldman has now used his own money to finance the film and finally tell his story the way he intended to tell it – uncut and uncensored.

Tickets will go on sale February 22nd, will cost $20 over on www.MyTruthDoc.com and the film will screen one time and one time only – March 9th at 8pm US-PST on that same website – with the capability of the entire world to watch at the same time.

Brian Herzlinger helms the doco which will also include first time interviews with many of the people who actually grew up with The Corey’s and had to witness the impact on the pair. These include Keith Coogan, Jamison Newlander, Susie Feldman, Ricky Garcia and the late Kristoff St. John who died last week.