Quick News: Mission, Discs, Pieces, Zone

Quick News Mission Discs Pieces Zone

Mission: Impossible 7
Simon Pegg has confirmed in an interview with Canadian program “Our City Tonight” that he’s onboard to shoot at least one of the next two “Mission: Impossible” films which both shoot throughout 2020. Pegg’s character Benji has been with the franchise since the third entry, but neither Paramount or director Christopher McQuarrie has confirmed Pegg’s involvement. [Source: Our City Tonight]

Disc Dates
A couple of key home video release dates have been announced. “Jojo Rabbit” comes to Digital HD on February 4th and disc on February 18th. “Frozen 2” comes to Digital HD on February 11th and disc on February 25th. “Charlie’s Angels” comes to Digital HD on February 18th and disc on March 10th. “Uncut Gems” hits Digital HD on February 25th and disc on March 10th. [Source: Blu-ray.com]

Pieces of a Woman
Benny Safdie (“Uncut Gems”) and Sarah Snook (“Succession”) have joined Kornel Mundruczo’s “Pieces of a Woman” currently in production in Queens, New York and also stars Shia LaBeouf, Vanessa Kirby, Ellen Burstyn and Molly Parker.

The story follows a grieving woman who is thrust into an emotional inner journey by trying to come to terms with the loss of her baby after a home birth goes wrong, while dealing with her husband and estranged mother. [Source: Deadline]

Zone 414
Guy Pearce and Italian model Matilda Lutz (“Revenge”) are set to star in the sci-fi feature “Zone 414” which is set in the near future in a colony of humanoid robots.

David Carmichael (Pearce) is a private investigator hired by an obsessive business tycoon Marlon Veidt (Travis Fimmel) to find his rebellious daughter. Teaming up with a self-aware A.I. (Lutz), David moves through the dangerous iron jungle, rapidly piecing together the mystery and uncovering a crime that questions the origins of Zone 414 and the ‘City of Robots’. [Source: Bloody Disgusting]