Producer Offers “Deus Ex” Film Update

Having produced the first “Hitman” film back in 2007, Adrian Askarieh is also behind the upcoming sequel/reboot “Hitman: Agent 47” which sees “Homeland” actor Rupert Friend take over the role. Askarieh’s name has been linked to numerous game adaptations over the years, one of the most interesting being the film version of the beloved “Deus Ex” series.

That gaming franchise was on the wane until 2011’s “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” effectively rebooted the series with a fascinating story of augmented humans in a divided society, along with boasting a distinctive aesthetic of humid squalor and high-tech all bathed in a golden hue.

Ahead of the release of ‘Agent 47,’ Askarieh sat down with Screen Rant to talk about several projects with the “Deus Ex” movie being briefly asked about. Askarieh says he and Lee are working closely with Square Enix and Eidos Montreal on the project and fans should expect a very big announcement soon.

Both Askarieh and producer Roy Lee have left CBS Films, where the project was initially setup, and they will shortly announce a new home for it. The departure is reportedly due to the budget which sounds too large for CBS Films, though they may still be a part of the project in a co-financing capacity.

He does confirm the story will be based on the concept seen in the “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” game and its upcoming sequel “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”. While it will follow the general storyline of ‘Human’ and the character of Adam Jensen, it won’t be a literal adaptation. Should it work though, the story of ‘Mankind Divided’ will likely form the basis for a sequel.

Askarieh also confirmed that Rupert Friend has signed on to reprise the role of Agent 47 in further films should the new one be a success: “I will say that he is signed on for more Hitman: Agent 47 films than just the upcoming one.”