“Pet Sematary” Sequel? No. Prequel? Possible

Pet Sematary Sequel No Prequel Possible

Following strong reviews out of SXSW, there’s already talk of a possible follow-up to the newest adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel “Pet Sematary”.

In the books, the Creed family moves to the country town of Ludlow, Maine in a house surrounded by woods. In those woods likes a pet cemetery and beyond that an ancient burial ground that has the power to raise the dead.

King never wrote a follow-up, but the previous 1989 film adaptation scored a sequel in 1992. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer of the new version, spoke with Consequence of Sound recently and said this take won’t be like its predecessor and make a sequel. There is, however, the possibility of a prequel:

“I think if there’s anything here, there’s a prequel. I think if you look at the book, we didn’t cover all that stuff that happens before the Creed family moves in. So, I think there’s a movie there, and I think I’d be particularly interested in doing that, because, again, it’s the source material and you are going toward something that also has a lot of crazy, creepy feelings about it.”

The new film takes some major liberties with the book, ignoring some key characters (eg. Timmy Baterman) and changing both a key victim and a massive overhaul of the ending. Even so, it’s more faithful in other ways than the previous film was such as its handling of the subplot of the wife’s late sister Zelda.

A prequel would likely involve some of the glossed over material along with including a younger version of John Lithgow’s Jud Crandall. The new “Pet Semetary” opens April 5th.