“New Mutants” Was Set In “Apocalypse” Timeline

New Mutants Scores Marvels Blessing

The upcoming “X-Men” spin-off film “New Mutants” was originally going to be a set around the time of the events of “X-Men: Apocalypse” according to a new report.

Unlike previous “X-Men” films, this entry sees its five central mutant characters nowhere near Professor X’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Rather they’re in an asylum against their will.

Speaking in a recently published set report at Screen Rant, the film’s director Josh Boone explained Fox originally wanted the film set in 1980s, in the same timeline as the ‘First Class’ films, and have “Professor X in it”.

Ultimately Fox gave him the go-ahead for his standalone horror version and even Boone was surprised he got the green light due to the wildly different tone compared to the other “X-Men” films:

“It’s funny man, they’re so emboldened by Deadpool and Logan and that they really let us – I can’t believe they’re letting us make this movie. If they knew all the stuff in this, I’m still like ‘Do they know how f-cked up this movie is?'”

The film is finally set to score a release in cinemas in April.