New Details About Netflix’s Millarworld Deal

Following the announcement two weeks ago, which came just a day before Disney announced their own streaming service, further details are now out regarding prolific comic creator Mark Millar’s recent deal with Netflix.

The deal for Millarworld understandably doesn’t include properties that have already been adapted for the screen including “Kick-Ass,” “Kingsman” and “Wanted”. THR adds today that several other properties aren’t included either due to existing ‘in development’ projects including “Starlight,” Chrononauts,” “Kindergarten Heroes”.

However, Netflix is safe to mine properties like “Reborn,” “MPH,” and the epic “Jupiter’s Legacy”. There are also future creations by Millar, who has been deliberately holding back titles in anticipation of a deal like this.

Millar, whose deal with the streaming giant is rumored to be in the $30-50 million range, may also serve as a story consultant for other Netflix projects as he has been successful at creating comic worlds that can stand independently in other media.