Netflix Scraps Alexander Payne’s Next Film

Alexander Payne To Open The Menu

Only a week before it was scheduled to begin shooting, Netflix has abruptly halted production and scrapped “Nebraska” and “The Descendants” filmmaker Alexander Payne’s new drama feature that was to star Mads Mikkelsen.

Deadline broke the news, indicating the immediate halt of the project ties to a rights issue as journalist Karl Ove Knausgard, the subject of the film, had an ‘out’ clause he could execute and has – changing his mind about having his story turned into a feature.

Mikkelsen was set to be the center of a father and daughter story about a Danish journalist who takes a road-trip with his teenage daughter across the U.S. as he writes a story for a newspaper.

Attempts were made to pull the film back on track, but to no avail and it sounds as though the project is dead. Erlend Loe penned the script for the project which was to shoot this month in Sweden, Denmark and the United States.