Mulcahy Defends “Teen Wolf” Remake

Russell Mulcahy (“Resident Evil: Extinction,” “Highlander”), who is directing MTV’s upcoming “Teen Wolf” remake, has defended the project in an interview with Den of Geek.

Asked about the online concern about remaking the cult original, Mulcahy says “We are not screwing around with the obviously very much beloved 80s Michael J. Fox classic, we are not doing that… obviously it’s inspired by it, but the new MTV Teen Wolf takes out a totally different slant, taking more of the slant of The Lost Boys, so to speak.”

He adds that the darker angle doesn’t mean they’ll lose the comedy – “It still has humour, but it’s basically got horror and humour. The humour is in the characters and the real situations and the teenagers, it’s very real and not played for any obvious laughs – they come from the situation. So there is definitely humour and horror, we really, really wanted to go for that and also the reality.”

Sounds good so far, but then he caps it with one quote that definitely makes me scared – “Also it’s obviously pumped up with not only a good scary score, but it’s also pumped up with great music.”