More Details On “Shazam” Characters

New role breakdowns for the upcoming movie adaptation of the DC Comics title “Shazam” appears to reveal some of the other characters set to join the film.

That Hashtag Show revealed the breakdown which confirms Mark Strong will star as the villain Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, and it looks like he’s going to have some backup as other characters in the film include his devoted daughter Beautia who will change her loyalties.

There’s also his oldest son, the giant and strong Magnificus, and the elderly wizard Shazam who is forced to give his powers to a young boy before the boy is ready.

Additionally, the breakdown for Dr. Sivana suggests he’s a full sorcerer as opposed to a scientist who dabbles in it. In the film, he “regenerates from death with world domination on his mind.”

Finally, there’s “mysterious man,” a cameo role described only as Shazam’s underling. “Shazam” opens in cinemas on April 19th 2019.