Miyazaki & Son Doing A Ghibli Film Each

Studio Ghibli seems to be back in the full swing of production with word today indicating not only is animation genius Hayao Miyazaki back at work on a new Ghibli movie, but his son Goro Miyazaki is also developing another film of his own.

Vincent Maraval, the founder of the production company Wild Bunch, revealed the news on Twitter. The elder Miyazaki (“Spirited Away,” “Ponyo”) seemingly retired in 2013, before getting back to work in 2016 on a new film entitled “How Do You Live?”. That is still ongoing and is expected to continue production for a while yet.

The younger Miyazaki helmed both “Tales of Earthsea” and “From up on Poppy Hill”. This third film he seems to be working on his own, unlike ‘Poppy’ which had the elder Miyazaki penning the script.