MGM Plans “Thirtysomething” Sequel Series

Mgm Plans Thirtysomething Sequel Series

Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, who created the 1987 ABC drama series “thirtysomething,” are planning a new incarnation of that show with multiple networks reportedly interested.

The original series followed members of the baby boomer generation in Philadelphia and their struggles with issues such as career, relationships, marriage and parenting. It broke ground with episodes that included thematically-driven stories and was one of the first series to show two gay men in bed together.

Ken Olin, Mel Harris, Melanie Mayron, Timothy Busfield, Patricia Wettig, Peter Horton and Polly Draper co-starred in the series which ran for four seasons.

The followup series revolves around the children of the characters in the original show, children who are now thirtysomething themselves. The plan is for original cast members to reprise their roles, but no one is set yet and there have been no formal talks.

Herskovitz and Zwick are penning and Zwick is directing with MGM TV to produce.

Source: Deadline