McShane Not In The “John Wick” TV Spin-Off

Mcshane Not In The John Wick Tv Spin Off

Lionsgate has big plans for the “John Wick” franchise past this Summer’s third feature. A key part of those plans is “The Continental,” a spin-off TV series set in the same universe as the films.

In the movie series Ian McShane plays Winston, the owner of The Continental hotel chain which is a key part of Wick franchise lore. Speaking with Rotten Tomatoes ahead of the return of “American Gods,” McShane confirmed he won’t be appearing in the series. Asked about the possibility he said: “No… but I may give ’em a voiceover. A series, no. They talked about that.”

He also says his character is going to be in trouble at the start of “John Wick Chapter 3” for giving Keanu Reeves’ assassin character a head-start on his getaway: “Oh yeah, you know The High Table will be pissed off…The High Table are very pissed off, and they’re very angry.”

The TV series is expected to look at the other Continentals all over the world and how certain people come in and out of that world. “The Continental” doesn’t have an air date yet, while the third film arrives May 17th.