Mark Wahlberg Is Sully In “Uncharted”

Mark Wahlberg Is Sully In Uncharted

At one time years ago when David O. Russell was to direct, Mark Wahlberg was floated as a possible lead to play Nathan Drake in a film based on the popular “Uncharted” video game franchise.

Now, with the movie finally happening, Wahlberg has reportedly rejoined the cast but this time in another role – he’s in final talks to take on the part of Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan who will serve as a mentor to Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake.

The role for the film is “described as an American treasure hunter, fortune seeker, and businessman, as well as a friend, mentor and father figure of [Nathan] Drake.”

Wahlberg bears little resemblance to the character. In the games, he’s an “old rascal” type, a smuggler and opportunist with a naughty sense of humor. He’s also the second male lead outside of Drake.

Travis Knight (“Bumblebee”) helms the film from a script by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Rafe Judkin.

Source: Variety