Lincoln Confirms “Walking Dead” Exit This Season

Lincoln Confirms Walking Dead Exit This Season

Actor Andrew Lincoln has confirmed that he’s set to exit the role of Rick Grimes on “The Walking Dead” during the upcoming ninth season. Lincoln has served as the lead of the ensemble zombie drama since its inception and remains the main character in the comics.

Speaking about his decision at a panel at Comic-Con today, he says: “This will be my last season playing the role of Rick Grimes. I love this show, it means everything to me. I love the people who make this show. I’m particularly fond of the people who watch this show. I don’t want this to become an Oscar acceptance speech or a obituary. My relationship with Mr. Rick Grimes is far from over.”

Creator Robert Kirkman all but confirmed Lincoln’s exit yesterday at the convention. With Lincoln and co-star Lauren Cohan, numerous other actors have been announced as joining the cast including Samantha Morton (“Minority Report”) as Whisperer leader Alpha, Dan Fogler (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”) as Luke, Brett Butler (“Grace Under Fire”) as Tammy Rose, Nadia Hilker (“The 100”) as Magna, choreographer Angel Theory as Kelly, Eleanor Matsuura (“Into the Badlands”) as Yumiko, Zach McGowen (“Black Sails”) as Justin, Rhys Corio (“Entourage”) as Jed, John Finn (“Cold Case”) as Earl, Lauren Ridloff (“Wonderstruck”) as Connie, Avi Nash (“Barry”) as Siddiq and Callam McAuliffe (“I Am Number Four”) as Alden.

The panel also released the trailers for both the new ninth season of “The Walking Dead” and the eight-episode second half of the fourth season of “Fear the Walking Dead”.

Source: THR