Kevin Durand Joins “Real Steel”

Having recently been linked to play the main antagonist in DreamWorks’ “I Am Number Four”, actor Kevin Durand (TV’s “Lost,” “Robin Hood”) is now in negotiations to join “Real Steel” for the same studio reports Variety.

Set in the near future when boxers have been replaced by human-controlled two-ton robots, Hugh Jackman portrays a former boxer-turned-manager who reunites with his estranged son to take his fighter to the championships.

Durand would play the Texan promoter of robot boxing. He and Jackman previously worked together on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

The roles would essentially be shot back to back with ‘Four’ kicking off filming this month and ‘Steel’ next month. Durand would shoot ‘Four’ first and then immediately segue into shooting ‘Steel’.

Shawn Levy directs the $80 million film which is based on a story by Richard Matheson (“I Am Legend”). Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider will produce.