Kennedy: “Star Wars” Can’t Be Fully Pre-Planned

One of the most common complaints about both the most recent “Star Wars” film, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and the current trilogy of films overall is that there appears to be a perception that Disney and Lucasfilm went into this trilogy flying by the seat of their pants and without a cohesive roadmap for those involved.

In a new and extensive interview with io9, Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy says that flexibility is part of the design and a collaborative approach with filmmakers means nothing in the “Star Wars” universe can (or should) be planned out ahead of time:

“I like to look at the first three movies that George did where he had different directors. He was really serving as the producing role in that. And we were doing a similar kind of thing, which is identifying genre and really allowing a filmmaker, and in the case of J.J. [Abrams] and Rian [Johnson], huge ‘Star Wars’ fans, and allowing them to get immersed, to find the center of the story and then make it their own.

I don’t think anything’s ever ‘cemented’ with ‘Star Wars’. It can’t be. It’s so rich with possibility that you don’t want to reach a point where you think you’ve made a decision, and then not leave yourself open to exploring other possibilities and other considerations.

…I’ve worked as a producer in film my entire career. And I always consider myself a voice in the room. But it’s not my ultimate decision. It’s the decision of the director, ultimately. And your job is to serve up as many curated possibilities that they can choose from, work with, see if it’s going to fit in the mosaic of storytelling and then arrive at a point of view to move forward.”

The full interview is an excellent read and is available here. The comments come as a new featurette for the franchise is out showcasing how members of the various generations of the cast have formed friendships that have gone on for years and will keep going for some time to come.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” opens in cinemas on December 20th.