“Justice League” Gets More Momoa, Nastier Car

Oz Comic-Con Perth announced over the weekend that “Aquaman” and “Justice League” actor Jason Momoa will not be able to attend their event the weekend of March 25th as originally planned.

In a series of tweets, they say that Momoa has been called into the studio in Burbank for additional work on Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”:

“We really hate to send out news like this, however unfortunately, Jason Momoa will no longer be able to attend Oz Comic-Con Perth as he has been called into the studio at Burbank for work on JLA. Jason apologises for this and he looks forward to seeing all his fans in Adelaide.”

This confirms further work is taking place on JL, be it additional shooting or standard ADR sessions. Gal Gadot recorded her ADR in January, while Snyder recently tweeted visual effects tests of Momoa’s Aquaman character in underwater scenes.

In related news, Snyder has also shared a look at the new weapons the Batmobile will be sporting in the upcoming film. The photo of the car is captioned: “Upgradesā€¦ what are you worried about Wayne” and shows a more weaponised vehicle than we saw in ‘Dawn of Justice’. The photo appeared on Snyder’s Vero account, the same one he used to premiere some Aquaman CG test footage last week.