Joel Edgerton In Talks for “300” Sequel

Aussie actor Joel Edgerton (“Warrior,” “The Thing”) is in talks to star in the Noam Murro-directed sequel “300: Battle of Artemisia” for Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures says Vulture.

If he signs, Edgerton would play the famed archon and general Themosticles. At the same time as King Leonidas led the Allied army to Thermopylae, Themistocles took command of the Athenian contingent of the Allied fleet – beginning a series of naval engagements at Artemisia and holding their own against the much larger Persian fleet.

Later on, the tide turned with the Greeks achieving victory against the invading Persians. Zack Snyder is co-writing the script based on Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic-novel sequel.