“Jessica Jones” Had Time To Wrap Up

Jessica Jones Third Season Set On June 14th

While most of the Netflix and Marvel collaboration series cancellations seem to have come as a real surprise for those involved. For the makers of the third and final season of the last of the shows on air, “Jessica Jones,” they got a bit luckier.

Series creator Melissa Rosenberg has revealed that she was given a bit of time before the release of the third season to craft a finale that felt right and she tells Collider that she came up with a fitting end for the character:

“[It] enabled us to really look at, ‘Where do we want to leave each of these characters? If you look at all three seasons, as a whole, what feels like a complete journey for all of the characters?’ We really got a chance to land them, in a satisfying way, for us and, hopefully, for the audience. We found closure with it. It was just really gratifying, and it felt very honest.”

While they had time to write an ending, “Jessica Jones” will be the only Netflix/Marvel series where fans know is coming to an end before they begin watching the season so it’s not clear how well it’s expected the new episodes will do. The series returns on June 14th.