Jason Bateman To Direct Thriller “Shut In”

Jason Bateman To Direct Thriller Shut In

Jason Bateman has been set to direct “Shut In,” a contained thriller feature by first time scribe Melanie Toast which New Line acquired earlier this Fall.

Bateman, who recently won an Emmy for his directing work on “Ozark,” will shoot this as his next project with filming to begin in early 2020. The story follows a single mother who is held captive by her violent ex, with her two young children are left at risk. She must do everything to protect them and survive.

Bateman was developing a new film adaptation of Hasbro board game “Clue” with Ryan Reynolds set to co-star. That film is still alive, but Bateman couldn’t make it work with his “Ozark” schedule – “Shut In” is a much quicker and easier project that better fits his schedule.

Bateman, Roy Lee, Dan Farah, Dallas Sonnier and Michael Costigan produce. Bateman reportedly won’t play a role in the film.

Source: Deadline