Japanese Spider-Man In “Spider-Verse 2”?

Japanese Spider Man In Spider Verse 2

Boasting some of the year’s best reviews and an A+ Cinemascore, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” has emerged as right up there with not just the best “Spider-Man” films but best superhero films.

As the film features numerous interpretations of the character, including some downright weird and obscure ones, fans are already speculating about who may show up in the sequel. One of the more popular suggestions? Japanese Spider-Man.

Responding to a fan on Twitter producer/writer Phil Lord said if the film crosses $200 million at the domestic box-office, they will include the character which originates from the 1978 Japanese tokusatsu TV series produced by Toei Company.

Currently, the film’s domestic total stands around $115 million after nearly three weeks of release, with analysts predicting the film will close out around $175 million.

For those who want more of a fix, it has been revealed by io9 that those who 100% complete ‘Silver Lining,’ the third and final DLC pack for the PS4’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man” game, get Peter’s costume from the film including the Ben-Day dots, shading and chromatic aberration along with an exaggerated body aesthetic.