“IT” Getting A Director’s Cut After All

Andres Muschietti has confirmed that a director’s cut of “IT” is coming later 2018, indicating on social media: “Yes, but in a few months.”

There was talk of a longer and darker cut of the film back around the time of the theatrical release, but as the disc release for the film was announced it was revealed no such cut would be forthcoming in the initial home video run.

That said, the home video release – now on Digital HD and coming to Blu-ray/DVD & rental VOD on January 9th – does contain a bunch of deleted scenes with around 15 minutes of extra footage across eleven scenes.

The cut scenes don’t include the infamously scrapped scene set at an earlier point in time where Pennywise eats a baby, and the director’s cut may not as well as it’s rumored to be a scene being saved for the sequel which is being shot next year for a September 2019 release.

The new disc release DOES include an alternate take on the Georgie storm water drain scene which takes things to a place you might not expect. You can watch that below.

Source: Bloody Disgusting