Interview Theater Screenings List Revealed

Sony has announced the full list of the three hundred or so theaters which are set to participate in tomorrow’s release of the controversial Seth Rogen and James Franco-led satire “The Interview” in the United States. The first screenings for the film are expected to kick off late tonight in a couple of the locations.

What was supposed to be a wide release, which was then cancelled, has now been restored to a fairly substantial limited theatrical release. The full list, which will continue to be updated as more cinemas join in, can be found via the film’s official Facebook page.

UPDATE: The film has also now been made available to stream on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox or through Sony’s own dedicated site to either rent for $5.99 or buy for $14.99. This is only available in the United States for the moment.

No word on a Playstation Network, Amazon or iTunes release, but there is also a deal in the works to stream the film via Netflix (a date for that has yet to be announced).