Harbour Joins Hemsworth In “Dhaka”

“Stranger Things” star and the new “Hellboy” himself, actor David Harbour, will join Chris Hemsworth in the currently shooting action thriller “Dhaka” for Netflix.

Sam Hargrave, a stunt coordinator who also acts as the stunt double for “Captain America” actor Chris Evans, helms the action thriller which “Avengers: Infinity War” directors Joe and Anthony Russo are producing and which is in production right now in India and Indonesia.

Joe Russo penned the script about a young boy who becomes a pawn in a war between notorious drug lords, kidnapped and housed inside one of the most impenetrable cities in the world.

A skilled mercenary named Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), a gun-for-hire harboring a death wish that makes an already deadly mission even more appealing to him, sets out to get him back. Harbour will play a fellow mercenary, one with secret intentions.

Source: Heat Vision