Hamilton, Shipp, Horton To Lead “Endless”

Hamilton Shipp Horton To Lead Endless

Nicholas Hamilton (“IT”) , Alexandra Shipp (“Love, Simon”) and DeRon Horton (“Dear White People”) have scored the lead roles in the Scott Speer-directed romantic drama “Endless” currently filming in British Columbia, Canada.

Hamilton and Shipp play two madly-in-love nineteen-year-olds separated when a fatal accident leaves him stranded in limbo. In agony, he watches her grieve until they find a way to connect and share exhilarating, deeply emotional moments that transcend life and death.

The pair must ultimately accept the hardest lesson of all – letting go. Rohit Kumar (“13 Reasons Why”) penned the script for the film which is said to have a tone akin to “What Dreams May Come”.

Source: Deadline