Global Box-Office Hits Record $42 Billion

Global Box Office Hits Record 42 Billion

Though domestic box-office has slipped a bit from record highs last year, international box-office is still going from strength to strength – jumping to a record $31.1 billion in 2019 according to a new comScore report.

That pushes the global box-office for 2019 to $42.5 billion globally – the first time the international and global hauls have gone that high. Disney was the only studio that saw increases last year thanks to a bunch of tentpoles that crossed $1 billion.

2020 has fewer event pictures and those are more spread out amongst the studios, along with movies that come in on tighter budgets and will likely have less lavish P&A spending meaning that there’ll be fewer $1 billion juggernauts, though more mid-sized hits.

2020 could be just as profitable as last year, if not more so due to lower costs, though events like the Euro Cup and the Summer Olympics could have an impact.

Studios are also seemingly warming up to streaming, realising the heaviest streaming users are also the most frequent cinemagoers and streaming also creates growth in the ancillary markets with content licensed at record prices.

Source: Deadline