FX Hungry For More Dickens, Garland, Sunny

Fx Hungry For More Dickens Garland Sunny

With FX showcasing its wares at the Television Critics Association this week, the company’s CEO John Landgraf was on hand at the presentation to offer a number of updates on projects either in early development or in production, and even some just on his wish list for later down the line.

First up, the previously announced series “Impeachment: American Crime Story” which deals with the Bill Clinton impeachment, will NOT air before the 2020 election. The network faced backlash for the timing, but Landgraf says it is production issues that have delayed it. Creator Ryan Murphy is directing a movie before producing the ten-episode “Impeachment,” and so filming won’t begin until late March and won’t end until October – so there’s no chance of it making it to air by its originally planned September date.

Next, FX is keen to retain the services of “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight with plans for more Charles Dickens adaptations together, following the recent “A Christmas Carol” with Guy Pearce, along with a second season of the Tom Hardy-led “Taboo” which Knight executive produces.

They also want “Ex Machina” filmmaker Alex Garland back in the wake of his work for them on the upcoming sci-fi series “Devs”. Garland himself says he’s doing another television show with FX and is currently in the midst of writing its second episode, but the network hasn’t seen anything from it yet. Of its content, Garland says it’s about “civil obedience and it’s in the here and now.”

The network is also in ‘active talks’ for more seasons of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” beyond the current fourteenth. Landgraf previously said “If [Rob] wanted to make it 15th or 16th season, we would absolutely do it. The show is still good; it’s as good as it’s ever been.”

Landgraf says the “Y: The Last Man” series is in full pre-production with around a half dozen scripts seen, but no actual production has begun yet as the series has had a change of showrunners and underwent a major overhaul with Eliza Clark taking over.

Next, Mark Hamill has been announced as a surprise guest star on the upcoming second season of FX’s vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows”. The announcement was made by creator Jermaine Clement at the show’s panel, but specifics of his role are under wraps.

Finally, the first trailer has been released for the parenting comedy “Breeders” starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard. The pair play parents already juggling life with young children when the wife’s estranged father (Michael McKean) shows up at their front door. That series premieres March 2nd.

Source: TV Line