Garland Not Returning For More “Dredd”

Now that time has passed and the inevitable “The Raid” comparisons due to close release windows have fallen away, 2012’s “Dredd” has grown a deserved cult audience in the wake of strong reviews but disappointing box-office.

The project, the second screen adaptation of the “Judge Dredd” comic book series, began life in 2006 as a script by “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation” filmmaker Alex Garland who, at the time, was best known as a go to screenwriter for Danny Boyle on the likes of “28 Days Later,” “The Beach” and “Sunshine”.

The film went into production in South Africa in late 2010 with Pete Travis as director and a $30-45 million budget. A year later the project hit problems in the post-production process as Travis was seemingly taken off the film unofficially with Garland stepping in to take over.

Ultimately it became an unorthodox collaboration in which Travis is still listed as sole director, but Garland had an obvious (albeit uncredited) big contribution behind the scenes – the film’s star Karl Urban pretty much confirmed that during a convention appearance last year.

Fans have long been pushing for a “Dredd” sequel with the hope that Garland would return to do it with full credit this time, something Urban is in support of. However, during a recent interview at New York Comic Con, Garland told ScreenGreek that he has no interest in returning to the franchise:

“No. It was a pretty crude experience, for a bunch of reasons. At the end of it, I didn’t want to go back. I love ‘Dredd,’ by which I mean I love the character, but I”m not in any hurry to do that again.”

The comments come as FX released its first teasers for Garland’s new miniseries “Devs” last week and the man himself is in high demand, giving him the freedom to pick and choose what to do next. Garland also penned a script for the film adaptation of “Halo,” though that project has now been handed over to others and is being re-envisioned as a Showtime TV series.