FX Developing A New “Carrie” TV Series

Fx Developing A New Carrie Tv Series

FX has reportedly begun development of a limited TV series based on Stephen King’s iconic first novel “Carrie” which has been adapted to the big screen several times.

The project marks the first time a series incarnation is done, with this one changing up the premise – instead of an outcast cis white teenage girl, FX is said to be looking for a trans performer or an actress of color for their Carrie.

Like the original though, the lonely Carrie is bullied by her cruel classmates and abused by her overly religious mother and becomes the subject of a hideous prank. She also has burgeoning telekinetic powers which are unleashed when she’s humiliated at prom.

The property has seen two direct film adaptations, a pseudo-sequel and a TV movie adaptation from Bryan Fuller that aimed to become a series and didn’t.

Source: Collider