Full Trailer: “Spooks: The Greater Good”

Kit Harington (“Game of Thrones”) is set as the hero and “Scorpion” leading man Elyes Gabel is the villain of the upcoming film version of the long-running but now wrapped BBC spy thriller series “Spooks” (aka. “MI-5”).

“Spooks: The Greater Good” sees Peter Firth’s Sir Harry Pearce having disappeared following the agency’s loss of a ruthless terrorist named Adam Qasim (Gabel). Harington plays Will Holloway, a former disavowed spy brought in to find Pearce and track down Qasim.

The surprise of the trailer is that the film isn’t more ‘film-like’, the clip feeling very much in line with the series to the point that this could effectively be the eleventh season. The show is famous for randomly killing off its many cast members, going through several leading men and women in its run, so the mostly new cast isn’t out of line with the show.

Jennifer Ehle and Tuppence Middleton also star, whilst several other familiar characters aside from Harry Pearce are returning including Lara Pulver’s Erin Watts and Tim McInnerny’s Oliver Mace.

“Spooks: The Greater Good” will open in the UK on May 8th.