Foxx, Latifah, Jenkins Get A “Valentine”

Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah and Carter Jenkins have joined the cast of New Line’s romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” says Variety

The film follows five slightly interconnecting stories playing out in Los Angeles during Valentine’s Day.

Foxx plays a TV sports reporter who has been sent out on a “Valentine’s Day in L.A.” story instead of covering his usual sports. Latifah plays the agent for Dane’s character, a football player.

Jenkins plays a young man who struggles to find time in the day to lose his virginity with his girlfriend (Emma Roberts) because of their hectic schedules.

Garry Marshall helms the ensemble which also includes – Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Shirley MacLaine, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Emma Roberts, Hector Elizondo, Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane.