Fox’s Post-Disney Takeover Plans Revealed?

Foxs Post Disney Takeover Plans Revealed

An extensive new article in The Wall Street Journal has gone into details regarding the fate of 20th Century Fox once Disney’s takeover of the studio is complete next year.

The report indicates Disney has plans to release any movies from the studio that are completed or in the middle of production when the acquisition is complete. What happens to the projects Fox is in the midst of developing is unclear, as is the question of whether Disney will even continue to use the Fox brand. Almost certain is that thousands of layoffs are set to take place next year.

It’s expected the “Avatar” sequels and the “X-Men”/”Fantastic Four” properties will be easily and seamlessly folded into the Disney brand without issue. Projects that fit Disney’s family-friendly image, such as the new adaptation of “Call of the Wild” with Harrison Ford, will likely live on but others like James Mangold’s “Ford vs. Ferrari” film aren’t going to be so lucky.

It’s also likely that late Fox 2019 releases like “Death on the Nile” and “The Woman in the Window,” which will be shooting by the time the acquisition is through, could end up being Disney releases. It’s also expected speciality divisions Fox Searchlight and FOX 2000 will remain intact.

20th Century Fox’s Chairman and CEO Stacy Snider confirmed to the paper that TV series adaptations of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “Ice Age” and “Night At the Museum” are all in the works.

The article also says Fox is in development on both a second “Simpsons” movie as well as a “Bob’s Burgers” film and a “Family Guy” movie that will mix both animation with live action. Both the “Simpsons” and “Family Guy” projects have been teased for years, but neither has had any serious movement as those involved remain too busy with the shows.