“Flash” Film Confirmed To Use Flashpoint

Flash Film Confirmed To Use Flashpoint

“The Flash” movie is finally on solid ground with “IT” director Andy Muschietti in charge, ending a long in development run which saw various helmers leave and the plans for the film seemingly change quite a bit.

While we’re still a while off from it going into production, it can now be fully confirmed that the ‘Flashpoint’ story of the comics will serve as the basis for the Ezra Miller-led film’s story as has been expected.

That news was confirmed this week by TV’s “The Flash” showrunner Marc Guggenheim who spoke with EW about the scene where Miller’s Flash and Grant Gustin’s Flash encountered each other in this week’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event series finale.

The ‘Flashpoint’ storyline is expected to at least semi-reboot the DC Extended Universe films, and so Guggenheim was under strict instructions not to do anything that would interfere with those film plans:

“I would send drafts of the scene to both Jim Lee and [DC Entertainment’s film VP] Adam Schlagman and we would just go back and forth. The trick with the scene is that I didn’t want to and they didn’t want me to do anything that stepped on the toes of the Flashpoint movie that they’re developing. So, we really worked hand-in-hand.”

The scene sees Miller’s character effectively getting his The Flash name, and learning the Mutliverse does indeed exist. The scene itself was shot after the crossover wrapped shooting and according to Guggenheim it was Warners chief Peter Roth who came up with the idea of putting Miller into the crossover and both Guggenheim and Gustin went out of their way to make it happen.