“Fargo” Helmer Plans A “Doctor Doom” Film

“Fargo” and “Legion” series creator and showrunner Noah Hawley closed out the FX panel at San Diego Comic-Con with a statement that has sent comics fans reeling:

“Because I’m at Comic-Con. I wanted to let you know about a movie I’m developing for Fox. The first word is ‘Doctor.’ And the second is ‘Doom.'”

Nothing else is known about the film at this time beyond it being a solo feature for the “Fantastic Four” villain. Hawley is reportedly developing the feature with an eye toward directing (he has not directed features before).

The character is Victor Von Doom, the tyrannical dictator of Latveria and frequent foil to the Fantastic Four. Comic books fans often cite him as one of the most complex and rich characters in all of comics, but previous attempts at adapting him for the screen by Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell have been considered disasters.

Source: Heat Vision