“Falcon” Set Photo Teases X-Men Connection

Falcon Set Photo Teases X Men Connection

With the “X-Men” franchise now back under the umbrella of Marvel Studios, it looks like Kevin Feige has begun the inclusion of elements from that franchise into the MCU.

Shooting is currently taking place on “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” TV series and a new set photo from the production reveals the symbol for Madripoor.

The location hails from the X-Men comic books and is an island located in Southeast Asia – a haven for criminals and a place that ultimately fell under the control of Madame Hydra/Viper. Wolverine spent a long time there living under the name ‘Patch’.

It’s a subtle inclusion of a location from “X-Men” and is a welcome tease that Marvel will opt to slowly integrate elements from X-Men and Fantastic Four ahead of the eventual arrival of characters from those franchises.

Source: CBM