Facebook Getting Out Of Scripted Originals?

Facebook Getting Out Of Scripted Originals

Facebook Watch won’t be renewing either its Elizabeth Olsen-led dark comedy series “Sorry For Your Loss” for a third season, or its Jessica Biel-led “Limetown” for a second – effectively ending both shows. ‘Loss’ is reportedly being shopped around though for a potential new home.

The cuts are emblematic of this current time as the giants in the playground of scripted content production like Disney, Warners and Universal are launching their own streaming services. As a result, several of the minor players who came in early and never really broke through are opting for a hasty exit.

Facebook Watch still has several scripted series in the pipeline and those will be released as planned, but going forward their scripted development efforts are being significantly curtailed with the chatter being Facebook is leaving the scripted business with only the odd exception of the right project coming along. Otherwise they’re shifting to unscripted fare which has had more success with Facebook users.

This echoes a similar position that YouTube found itself in last year. After launching a handful of scripted series, the company found none of them really broke through beyond the acclaimed “Cobra Kai” and so they effectively axed almost all the remainder of their whole slate and shifted their focus to user-generated content.

This also follows on from reports yesterday about Cinemax also working to get out of the scripted content arena as the imminent arrival of HBO Max means smaller branches under the Warner umbrella such as Cinemax and the DC Universe service find their future unclear as they wait and see if they are to be absorbed into the mothership service.

Source: The Live Feed