Ezra Miller To Write “The Flash”?

He’s a keen fan of the character and he played him already for “Justice League,” but now Ezra Miller is taking his love of The Flash one step further.

Miller and celebrated comics author Grant Morrison are teaming up to take a shot at the script for “The Flash” standalone film at Warner Bros. Pictures. The pair will reportedly pen a draft that could determine if Miller stays onboard the film.

The project has been stuck in development for a while and is currently the subject of clashing creative visions. The films’ current writer/directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (“Game Night,” “Vacation”) want to take a light-hearted approach to the material – as does the studio.

Miller, who sees himself as deeply committed to the character, wants a darker take on the material and the two sides have been working on compromises since last year.

So, Miller took the initiative to tackle the story himself. He and Morrison partnered with Warners hiring the two to script their take which could be submitted to the studio as early as next week.

Miller’s holding deal on “The Flash” reportedly expires May which means the studio will have to make a decision soon.

Source: Heat Vision