“Episode IX” Has Lots Of Poe-Finn Scenes

Episode Ix Has Lots Of Finn Poe Scenes

Of the current “Star Wars” trilogy, one of the more well-received elements is that of Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron and John Boyega’s Finn. The pair have only shared a few scenes together, but the bromantic chemistry is enough it has inspired countless memes, fan art, slash fiction and more.

Well the shippers are going to be very pleased with J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode IX” with Poe himself – actor Oscar Isaac – confirming to Metro that the hot-headed Resistance pilot and the former Stormtrooper get a bunch of scenes together in the new film, from the sounds of it far more than they did in the previous two:

“I think the one thing I can say is that it has been the most fun for me, particularly working with John Boyega because we have just had so much more to do together and we just really connected in a great way. It was really a wonderful way to finish it for me because John was the first person I met right when I screen-tested. It was just with me and him. So it just felt like a real full-circle thing.”

This final film of the Skywalker saga reportedly sees Finn poised to take on a real leadership role in the Resistance, as a result he and Poe will be working together more closely. Previously Isaac said shooting the new film was the most fun of the trilogy because it was much looser on set and everyone had more energy.

The big reveal of the new “Star Wars” is expected to happen next month at the SW Celebration convention. The film itself opens December 20th.