Boreanaz Teases An “Angel” Reunion

Boreanaz Teases An Angel Reunion

Twenty years ago the “Buffy” spin-off “Angel” was launched and garnered a strong cult following, though sadly the story of the vampire with a human soul now working as a private detective in Los Angeles was cancelled a bit too early.

Yesterday the show’s former leading man actor David Boreanaz appeared on “The Talk” and was asked about the show’s anniversary. He teased that something is in the works for the fans, though whether it be a reunion special or something more substantial isn’t clear:

“We’re coming up on 20 years. I mean, that’s amazing to have been blessed with a show like that and that’s where I really started my gig – this acting world. I love that character so I will say there may be something coming up. I don’t want to give away much. I can say, it’s 20 years coming up this fall and we may have something in the works.”

The talk comes after last month saw a bunch of the original “Buffy” cast coming together for the Wizard World Portland convention.

Source: Deadline