“Edge of Tomorrow 2” Really Is Moving Forward

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Really Is Moving Forward

We’ve been hearing talk about a potential follow-up to the Tom Cruise-led time looping sci-fi action vehicle “Edge of Tomorrow” (aka. “Live. Die. Repeat.”) pretty much since the first film came out back in 2014.

Development on a sequel began almost immediately after the film hit cinemas, but things have been incredibly slow to the point that it seemed those involved were merely paying lip service to the idea and not making any actual progress.

Now, finally, it seems something is actually happening. The first film’s director Doug Liman shared a photo on Instagram today of writer Matt Robinson and producer Alison Winter and their story planning set-up for the new film.

The group are laying out the story’s beats, a complicated narrative they have to make sure the audience can untangle in the new film. Cage and Rita, the names of Cruise and Blunt’s returning characters, can be seen as well.

Robinson turned in a pitch in early 2019 that landed him the gig of writer on the film with Liman saying in October he had a completed script and is essentially waiting for Cruise to finish up the next two “Mission: Impossible” installments before getting to work on this.

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