Disney’s Iger On The “Star Wars” Date

He already spoke about the Marvel Netflix deal today, now Disney CEO Bob Iger has spoken about yesterday’s other major piece of news involving his company – the December 18th 2015 release date for “Star Wars: Episode VII”.

It has previously been rumored Disney demanded that the film be a Summer 2015 release, whereas the film’s producers wish to delay the project to Summer 2016 to give them sufficient time. Thus, a late December release would be a fair compromise.

Talking about the date with Bloomberg, Iger says that it was settled on so that the crew would have enough time to create a great film. He also confirms Summer 2015 was previously under consideration, but it was just too soon. Here’s the transcript and the video response:

“One of the things that was very important to us is that we give the creative team, J.J. Abrams and his writing team, the time to design, write and produce the film so that we can optimize quality, so they can create a great film.

At one point we considered the summer of 2015, but it felt like with the changes we made in the writing team that that was going to create a bit of a rush, and we didn’t think that was optimal, for obvious reasons.

So Christmas 2015 became the date. [It] happens to be the date which ‘Avatar’ – which is the number one movie of all time – was released, so we like that. Certainly, hopefully that will bring some good luck even though that was not our film. And Christmas is a good time for a film like ‘Star Wars’ we think, which will have obvious interest for young people and old people alike.”