Disney Seeks Chinese Love For “Star Wars”

Disney Seeks Chinese Love For Star Wars

They’re the largest market in the world at this point, but China just doesn’t go gaga for “Star Wars” like most other countries do.

Disney Studios, who have had big success in China with the Marvel brand, is determined to change that and have reportedly enlisted the help of Chinese conglomerate Tencent to help build the fan base in the Middle Kingdom.

Tencent will use China Literature to help translate and distribute 40 “Star Wars” novels along with a new Chinese “Star Wars” book written by one of their in-house writers. The new story will have a Chinese hero and will “combine native Chinese elements and the narrative style of Chinese literature to tell the story of ‘Star Wars’.”

The original trilogy never scored a wide release in the country, the prequels flopped, and the highest interest the modern films have generated was with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which grossed a soft $124 million.

The hope is all the targeted ancillary works will have a knock on effect where the films can become successful in China, as will the proposed upcoming beyond ‘Rise of Skywalker’ which should rely less on callbacks and references to the other films and stand more on their own.

Source: The Playlist