Director’s Chair: Independent, Tide, Keep

“Production has begun on Guy Louthan’s “The Independent,” a behind-the-scenes comedy set in the world of indie film starring Jennifer Tilly and Joey Slotnick. “The Independent” centers on a producer who’s given the chance to realize his dream project of filming an adaptation of an obscure Victorian novel. The producer agrees to the demands of his illegitimate financiers that the production be filmed entirely in Romania to take advantage of a suspicious tax deal. Jason Flemyng, Nicolas Le Prevost, Joe Shaw and Steve Nicholson also star…” (full details)

“GreeneStreet Films Fisher Stevens has acquired rights to Jim Lynch’s coming-of-age-novel “The Highest Tide” and will direct the project himself. The story follows a 13-year-old boy in Washington state who makes an environmental discovery, bringing him a measure of unwanted fame…” (full details)

“William H. Macy will make his theatrical film directorial debut with “Keep Coming Back”. Scripted by Will Aldis, the coming-of-age drama follows a teenage boy with a weak heart and sheltered life who discovers new horizons when he becoming infatuated with an alcoholic ex-stripper (Salma Hayek). Steve Buscemi, Mos Def and Macy himself also star. Shooting is due to start in Los Angeles in July…” (full details)