Diesel Wants “Fast 10” As A Two-Parter

Diesel Wants Fast 10 As A Two Parter

The “Fast and Furious” franchise has had one hell of a ride. A solid hit with its first film, it threatened to disappear into obscurity until “Fast Five” retooled the street racing drama into a heist and later espionage thriller series of increasing lunacy.

It also boosted its box-office considerably, turning the property into Universal’s pre-eminent film franchise – certainly its most consistently successful of the 21st century. Yet around the time of the seventh film’s release in 2015, the franchise’s star/producer Vin Diesel made a statement saying the series would end with the tenth film.

Since then that plan has held true. Now, just months ahead of “F9: The Fast Saga” hitting cinemas, Diesel is fudging that original plan a little bit. In the latest issue of Total Film magazine (via GamesRadar), Diesel talked about the franchise’s roadmap laid out in recent years and suggests “Fast 10” could be a two-parter:

“I started planning for Fast 10 before we started filming Fast 9. Very much so. The universe is so robust and so rich with talent and rich with story that, on one level, it’s totally feasible to have spinoffs, and I think that’s something that is inevitable. Universal deserves it because of how much they’ve invested in this little saga, and it’d be good to give back to Universal. And for the fans, should Fast 10 parts one and two be the conclusion, it would be nice for this world to continue for generations to come.”

“Furious 7” and “The Fate of the Furious” took in $1.5 billion and $1.2 billion worldwide, the recent “Hobbs & Shaw” spin-off snagged $758 million, so there’s definitely more money to be made and Universal certainly wouldn’t be averse to extended the franchise’s life. The question is will the fans? Judging by the recent “F9” trailer reaction, they certainly will.

“F9: The Fast Saga” opens in cinemas on May 22nd.