DiBonaventura On GI Joe, Transformers

Earlier today The IESB talked with producer Lorenzo diBonaventura about the upcoming “G.I. Joe” film adaptation and how it’s progressing.

First off he shoots down the Viggo Mortensen casting rumour – “No, I think Viggo is too old to play it in our concept.” The casting of Destro, Zartan and Hawk will be announced in the next two weeks. Also if you’re a Joe vs. Cobra fan, then he says that “you will be feel incredibly happy about the movie.”

They haven’t discussed whether to drop the ‘Real American Hero’ slogan from the film title, but he does confirm that rumors of the headquarters being based in Brussels or Europe is false and that the film is aiming for a PG-13 rating.

They are seeking the help of the US military like they did with “Transformers” however in terms of techonology. Shooting begins in about five weeks with a month long shoot in Prague before traveling to numerous international and US locations.

Meanwhile in regards to “Transformers 2”, he says shooting is scheduled to begin June 2nd 2008. At present they only have a limited outline and “know exactly where we want go with the movie” but can’t move on anything until the writer’s strike is over.

Michael Bay is already hard at work though – “Michael is completely on top of every detail. He’s designed a lot of great stuff already. He’s got a lot of great sequences imagined but you know, he needs some writers to work with before he’s ready to go, so I would say June 2nd is an unofficial start, it’s the target date we’d like to go for but, you know, we’ve got to get some writers to help us.”