David Fincher’s Upcoming Films

Out doing publicity for this week’s release of the director’s cut DVD for his serial killer thriller “Zodiac,” David Fincher has spoken candidly about his upcoming slate of projects and how each one is progressing.

He’s presently at work on “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and has about nine months of post-production ahead of him. After that he tells IGN Filmforce that “there are a couple of possibilities. Hopefully, within hours, they’ll call me and tell me that the deal is done so that I can begin working on another trilogy of Heavy Metal animated CG movies.”

He’s also looking at making a satirical comedy about videogame development with Sacha Baron Cohen, an adaptation of the graphic novel “The Killer” to which he says “We have a writer and a graphic novel, and I think we have a take”, and a film adaptation of the acclaimed novel “The Devil in the White City” about a serial killer at the Chicago World’s Fair in the 30’s.

He’s still planning an adaptation of the graphic novel “Torso” he tells MTV News – “That movie is so not a serial-killer movie. It’s about the deconstruction of the myth of [Untouchables leader] Eliot Ness. It has way more to do with “Citizen Kane” than it has to do with “Seven.” Ehren Kruger wrote a script that’s pretty great. We were speaking with Matt Damon about it.”

The long-awaited adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s space exploration flick “Rendezvous With Rama” is still in development hell, Fincher is waiting on a script – “When they’re happy with it, they’ll send it to me. It’s a project I’ve always loved. It’s probably technologically within striking distance right now. That was always the thing: You couldn’t afford to build these things as sets. It’s just too huge.” As a result he would probably shoot sequences using motion capture.

The story would have to be changed too- “The great thing about [Arthur C.] Clarke and the same things that make it hard to translate in 2008, it’s the source material. There are people who love Dragonfly and the whole notion of that. It’s hard for me to see it in my head and not think that it’s going to be goofy. I love the Melting Sea and all that stuff. The interior of Rama is amazing, but there’s a lot of stuff in what I call the Andromeda Strain part of the story that doesn’t work for me. In ’72, this was cutting edge, but it’s been done so many times in the interim and that makes it very difficult. I think it has to be re-invented.”

Finally Fincher says he’d love to work with “Fight Club” author Palahnuik again, and has been considering bringing “Lullaby” to the big screen – “I was pretty interested in Lullaby. It almost has to be dumbed down a bit for it to work as a movie.”