DePalma Plans Horror Film About Weinstein

Filmmaker Brian De Palma recently spoke with Le Parisien (via The Playlist) and in the process touched upon his frustrations with the current state of the film industry.

More interesting is that he’s revealed his next feature will take inspiration from some real-life events involving Hollywood – namely the “Scarface” and “Dressed to Kill” director plans to take on lecherous studio executives:

“I’m writing a film about this scandal, a project I’m talking about with a French producer. My character won’t be named Harvey Weinstein but it will be a horror film, with a sexual aggressor, and it will take place in the film industry.”

De Palma’s newest film “Domino” which was originally aiming to open later this year. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Carice van Houten, and Guy Pearce star in the film which the director says was a “horrible experience” as it was underfunded and his “producer lied to him”. He isn’t sure it will get any release.