Crouching Tiger Prequels Growling

For a long time the Weinsteins have been talking about their plans for prequels to Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning 2000 film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

‘Tiger’ was based on the fourth book in author Wang Dulu’s ‘Crane-Iron Pentalogy’ five-book series. The Weinstein’s picked up the film rights to the novels last March in hopes of turning them into a franchise.

A month later Sony Pictures, who released ‘Tiger’, claimed they had obtained the rights verbally long before the Weinstein’s had a signed deal. Now, a year on things have not really moved.

The Los Angeles Times, via Film Stalker, reveal that Sony claim they received verbal and email agreements for the titles sales to them whereas Weinstein is saying he has the written contract, dated after that of the claimed verbal agreement.

Now, Sony are seeking US$200 million damages in the case whilst the Weinsteins believe the whole case interferes with their opportunities to exploit the rights. The ripple on effect is that prequels remain many years off it seems.